Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Morning with Mike Regenstreif – CKCU – Saturday May 27, 2017

Saturday Morning is an eclectic roots-oriented program on CKCU in Ottawa heard live on Saturday mornings from 7 until 10 am (Eastern time) and then available for on-demand streaming. I am one of the four rotating hosts of Saturday Morning and base my programming on the Folk Roots/Folk Branches format I developed at CKUT in Montreal.

CKCU can be heard at 93.1 FM in Ottawa and on the web.

This episode of Saturday Morning can be streamed on-demand at

Extended feature – Songs of Bruce “Utah” Phillips

This program was dedicated to the memory of the late Jimmy LaFave (1955-2017). I wrote about Jimmy’s passing on the Folk Roots/Folk Branches blog.

Chuck McDermott- Belvedere
Gin & Rosewater (Amber Gate)

Mike Regenstreif & Jimmy LaFave (2017)
Jimmy LaFave- One Too Many Mornings
Trail (Bohemia Beat)
Gretchen Peters w/Tom Russell- Guadalupe
One to the Heart, One to the Head (Scarlet Letter/Frontera)
Jimmy LaFave- On a Bus to St. Cloud
Favorites 1992-2001 (Music Road)
Christine Albert- Keep Me in Your Heart
Everything’s Beautiful Now (MoonHouse)
Jimmy LaFave- Buffalo Return to the Plains
Favorites 1992-2001 (Music Road)

Andrew Calhoun & Campground featuring Casey Calhoun- Turkle Dove
Bound to Go (Waterbug)
Eric Bibb- Mornin’ Train
Migration Blues (Stony Plain)
Happy Traum- Things are Coming My Way
Just for the Love of It (Lark’s Nest Music)
Bessie Jones & the Georgia Sea Island Singers- Sheep Sheep Don’t You Know the Road
Get In Union: Recordings By Alan Lomax 1959-1966 (Tompkins Square)
Jayme Stone, Moira Smiley, Sumaia Jackson, Joe Phillips, Felicity Williams & Nick Fraser- There is More Love Somewhere

Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop- The Hill
Red Shoes (Borealis)
Moore & McGregor- Dancing Shoes
Dream with Me (Ivernia)
Tom Russell- The Night the Chinese Restaurant Burned Down

Doug McArthur- Stumble from Vesuvio
Tears Like Rain (Doug McArthur)
Lynne Hanson- Stronger
Uneven Ground (Song Shop)
Lynn Miles- Black Flowers

Magpie, Dan Schatz, Emma's Revolution- Singing Through the Hard Times
Fred Holstein- The Telling Takes Me Home
Fred Holstein: A Collection (Fred Holstein)
Finest Kind- The Goodnight-Loving Trail
Lost in a Song (Fallen Angle)
Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard- The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia
Hazel & Alice (Rounder)
Utah Phillips- She’ll Never Be Mine
The Telling Takes Me Home (Philo)

Utah Phillips & Mike Regenstreif (2005)
Rosalie Sorrels- Rock Me to Sleep
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen- Going Away
Live in Concert (Compass Rose)
Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin- Walking Through Your Town in the Snow
Heart Songs: The Old Time Country Songs of Utah Phillips (Rounder)
Finest Kind- The Faded Roses of December
Lost in a Song (Fallen Angle)
Priscilla Herdman & Utah Phillips- I Remember Loving You
Darkness into Light (Flying Fish)

John McCutcheon- All Used Up
Mark Ross- Look for Me in Butte
Kate MacLeod- Nevada Jane
Bruce Brackney- Hood River, Roll On
Utah Phillips- Eddy’s Song
The Telling Takes Me Home (Philo)

Michael Earnie Taylor Orchestra- Rock Salt and Nails
$3 Pants (Laughing Cactus Music)
Penny Lang- If I Could be the Rain
Stone + Sand + Sea + Sky (Borealis)
Brent Bradford- I Think of You
Rosalie Sorrels- Ashes on the Sea
Strangers in Another Country: The Songs of Bruce “Utah” Phillips (Red House)
Utah Phillips- Wabash Cannonball/Tolono
Good Though! (Philo)

Durham County Poets- The Outside Cat
Grimshaw Road (Durham County Poets)
The Vaudvillian- James St. Turnaround
Bringing Satan Down (Busted Flat)
Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley- Travelin’ Blues
Morning Sun (Electro-Fi)
Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne- Gateway Blues (Blues for Bessie)

The Eisenhauers- Rather Have You Around
The Road We Once Knew (Black Hen)
Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes- I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew
Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes (Community Music)

I’ll be hosting Saturday Morning next on June 24.

Find me on Twitter. @MikeRegenstreif

--Mike Regenstreif

Canadian Spaces – CKCU – Saturday May 27, 2016

CKCU can be heard at 93.1 FM in Ottawa and on the web.

This particular show is now available for on-demand listening.

Canadian Spaces on CKCU in Ottawa is Canada’s longest-running folk music radio program. It is heard Saturday mornings from 10:00 am until noon (Eastern time).

It was hosted for more than 33 years by the late Chopper McKinnon and is now hosted by Chris White and a rotating cast of co-hosts.

This week’s show was co-hosted by Mike Regenstreif and Chris White.

Guests: Jeff Mills; Tony Turner; Terry Gillespie; Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop

The Malvinas- Crow
God Bless the Grass (Soona Songs)

Jayme Stone, Moira Smiley, Sumaia Jackson & Joe Phillips- Drunken Hiccups

The Eisenhauers- Newfoundland Song
The Road We Once Knew (Black Hen)

Michael Earnie Taylor Orchestra- Clyde Beatty
$3 Pants (Laughing Cactus Music)

Jon Brooks- Down by the Dirty Don
The Songs of Tony Quarrington (B. Gladstone/Winterfolk)

David Clayton-Thomas- Suzanne
Canadiana (Antionette/ILS)

Tom Russell- Wild Geese

Joe Newberry & April Verch- Will You Wait for Me?
Going Home (Slab Town)

Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley- Morning Sun
Morning Sun (Electro-Fi)

Durham County Poets- Monday Morning
Grimshaw Road (Durham County Poets)

Doug McArthur- The Big Machine
Tears Like Rain (Doug McArthur)

Lynn Miles- Surrender Dorothy

Jennifer Noxon- Nothing More
Sweet (Jennifer Noxon)

Tony Turner- Long Way Down
Love & Other Attractions (Tony Turner)

Terry Gillespie- Brother of the Blues
Live in the studio

Terry Gillespie- Magnolia Tree
Live in the studio

Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop- Red Shoes
Red Shoes (Borealis)

I’ll be co-hosting Canadian Spaces again on July 8.

In the meantime, I’ll be hosting Saturday Morning (7-10 am) on June 24.

Find me on Twitter. @MikeRegenstreif

--Mike Regenstreif